The official Porsche museum at Zuffenhausen, Germany...

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I visited the Porsche Museum in August 1998. The Porsche Museum is located in Zuffenhausen, near Stuttgart (Germany). It contains a small but continously changing collection of interesting Porsche cars.


 A view into the museum hall:
 Some interesting pictures:

 Hundreds of scale models

 The new 996 with water-cooled engine (1997)

A 959 from Paris-Dakar (1986)

 A 917/30 Spyder (1973)

 Yellow 356

 Orange 356
 By the way, not all Porsches all that comfortable:


A special 911, painted by an Australian artist:
And there are always some people who obviously cannot make a choice: two 993's (Coupe on the left, Targa with the glass roof on the right):

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