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After an interesting start at the Shell Laboratory in Rijswijk in 1977 I switched to TNO (as member of the 'PULSIM Team') in 1980. There I checked the (dynamic) design of pipe line systems with respect to the acoustical and mechanical behaviour, for 25+ years.

Pulsation in gas pipe lines is comparable to sound produced by organ pipes. But instead of a pleasant (musical) sound it may result in very undesirable (or even dangerous) vibrations. The goal is to minimize these (inevitable) pulsations by an optimal design.

As their project leader I have also been responsible for the maintenance and further development of the PULSIM software since the 90's. My last activity for TNO, the new graphical user interface for PULSIM, called P3D, was released as a very successful step in further increasing efficiency of acoustic analysis:

I now work at QE International where I have been further specializing in the area of pulsations related to (high frequency) screw compressors.

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