The Gurian guitar


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The various models, as described in the original Gurian brochure:

Size 2
Size 3
The Cutaway
Classic and flameno
Identification of your Gurian guitar


Size 2

S2M, size 2 guitar with mahogany back and sides. This is the smallest model and the least expensive of the Gurian line. It is a superb professional instrument of light mellow sound. It uses the finest machine heads available at any price.

S2R, size 2 guitar with East Indian rosewood back and sides. A mellow sound with the sweetness of S2M 6ut slightly more precise. Darker in colour and more figured than S2M. Features take some superb chrome machine heads.

S2R3H, identical to S2R, but with 3-piece back, full herringbone decoration of the bindings, and superb machine heads, heavily plated in real gold. This magnificently beautiful guitar is the ultimate in small guitars.


Size 3

Size 3 guitar with mahogany back and sides. A middle-sized instrument with great power, brilliance and sustain. An excellent instrument for solo or accompaniment (finest chrome machine heads).

Size 3 guitar with East Indian rosewood back and sides. Darker and more figured wood with a sound slightly solider and more precise than S3M (same fine chrome machine heads). The Size 3 guitar has become a standard for recording work.

Like S3R, but more beautifully decorated and inlaid, with 3-piece back, herringbone binding, goldplated machine heads.



jumbo size guitar with mahogany back and sides. The largest Gurian, with the heaviest bass response and thickest, fullest sound. Favoured by accompanists or soloists who need to fill a large room with a bossy sound. Like all Gurian guitars, it's an instrument worthy of the professional musician.

jumbo size guitar with East Indian rosewood back and sides. Darker and more figured, with a slightly heavier, more precise sound than JM. (Finest chrome machine heads.)

like JR, but decorated and beautifully inlaid with 3-piece back, herringbone binding, and goldplated machine heads.

The Cutaway

This latest instrument in the Gurian family is both acoustic and electric. In balance and tone, it is unsurpassed by any other instrument. For the electric musician, the Cutaway is a new experience. It is the fantastic but slightly altered sound of the Size 3 UNdistorted plus the power of amplification. To
achieve a truly flat-top sound, amplified, has been an unrealized dream since Charley Christian first attached a crude pickup to his arch-top. The Cutaway, with its specially designed and amplified transducer, achieves this dream. No words can adequately describe the purity of tone and balance found from the low E to the highest fret on the first string (which due to the cutaway, is fully accessible). With the Cutaway, a new page is begun in the history of the development of the guitar. The sound of the Size 3 Gurian, either acoustic or amplified, with superb electronics, combined with the increased range and speed of a cutaway guitar.


Classic and Flamenco Guitars

Gurian classic guitars are noted for balanced, round tone and good sustain in the upper registers. They use ebony fingerboards, ivory nuts, real wood soundhole rosette and binding, and fine cedar tops chosen from the thousands cut at the Gurian mill.

Classical guitar with mahogany back and sides. Simple binding and superb machine heads in gunmetal block.

Classic guitar with Indian rosewood back and sides, decorated binding, and engraved, gold plated machine heads.

Classic guitar of Brazilian rosewood. Only sometimes available and equipped with the finest gold plated heads available.

Flamenco guitar with Canadian cypress back and sides, friction pegs (machine heads available upon request). This is a true flamenco guitar, very light in weight, responsive and brilliant in tone.


Brazilian Rosewood models

(only sometimes available) in Size 2,3, or Jumbo with 3-piece back, herringbone decoration and gold machine heads. The "ne plus ultra" guitar; no finer woods or materials exist. Their model numbers are S2B3H, S3B3H, and JB3H.

Indentification of your Gurian guitar.

All Gurian Guitars have serial numbers stamped on the headblock in large characters which are visible through the soundhole. The numbers are all preceded by A, B, C, or D. This denotes that the instrument is either an A-series Gurian, a B-series, C-series or D-series.


Factory Location: New York City
Dates: start to 1971
Models available: Size 1, Size 3, Jumbo
Distinctive Features: Jumbo was exceptionally deep bodied--5 inches at the tailblock. Many A-series Brazilian Rosewood models were made. The necks were integral with the sides (Spanish construction). The truss rod was a single imbedded rod. Top purfling was full (double) herringbone.


Factory Location: Grand Street, New York City
Dates: 1972 and 1973
Models available: Size 3 and Jumbo
Distinctive Features: Separate neck held to body with wooden taper pins. The G
decal appears on headstock. Top purfling was "white line" half-herringbone.
Mahogany and East Indian soundboxes, with only some Brazilian Rosewood/German Spruce models were made.


Factory Location: Hinsdale, New Hampshire
Dates: 1973 to 1979
Models Available: Size 2, Size 3 and Jumbo. Three cutaway guitars were made. Curly Maple available. Mahogany and Indian Rosewood common, but very few Brazilian Rosewood guitars made. Distinctive Features: Double ("over and under") truss rod wrapped in aluminum tape introduced.


Factory Location: West Swanzey, New Hampshire ("post fire" Gurians--Hinsdale
factory burned 1979)
Dates: 1980 and 1981
Models Available: Size 2, Size 3, Jumbo and Cutaway. Two of fanciest model
(Brazilian Rosewood J3R3H --Jumbo three-piece back rosewood/herringbone-- with Engelmann spruce tops) were made, one was stolen. One prototype Gurian 12-string made.


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